High Alcohol

Contact Point Sanitiser

BioProtect® Contact Point Sanitiser is a unique and powerful multi-application cleaner, sanitiser and antimicrobial protectant. The revolutionary formula of multiple active ingredients make it perfectly suited for use in areas that are frequently touched, such as door handles, handrails, trolley, counter tops, and any other surface that multiple people touch on a regular basis, containing 75% isopropyl alcohol and other active ingredients it is versatile enough to be used as a long lasting hand or surface sanitiser. After application it produces a durable bonded coating with long lasting antimicrobial properties.

Effective Against 99.99% of Germs

Long Lasting Protective Coating

Protects for 200+ touches

Fast Drying for Frequent Contact Points

in one

Cleans //

This superior formulation effectively cleans away dirt, oils, fats, grease, germs and bacteria from screens, leaving them clean and smudge free.

Sanitises //

Effective against 99.99% of bacteria and germs and is one of the safest and widest ranging bacteria inhibiting sanitisers available.

Protects //

Provides superior long-lasting protection from germs for both screens and hands to reduce contact transmission of pathogens.


  • Bathrooms/toilets
  • Phone handsets
  • Keyboards & mice
  • Tablets & touch screens
  • Tables & desks
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Door handles
  • Hand railings
  • Push panels
  • Rental vehicles
  • Public transport
  • Taxis, Ubers, & planes
  • Cafes, bars & restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Public restrooms
  • Petrol stations


Unique Fast Acting Formulation //

BioProtect® Contact Point Sanitiser is a unique combination of isopropyl alcohol, surfactants and quaternary ammonium compounds. Isopropyl alcohol provides a rapid kill of germs while the surfactants clean surfaces.

Once dried, the quaternary ammonium compounds create a clear long-lasting protective coating on the surface to offer superior protection to the user, reducing the transmission of germs. BioProtect® Contact Point Sanitiser is designed to dry quickly, clean and sanitise all in one application.

3 in 1 sanitiser, protector

Commercial grade

Powerful Hand Sanitiser

Quick Drying

Effective Against 99.99% of germs

Contains 75% Isopropyl

Rapid Action

Long Lasting Protection

Proven to be active for 200+ Touches

Inhibits moisture entering electronics


Bleach & chlorine free //

BioProtect® Contact Point Sanitiser is free of the harsh chemicals found in most disinfectants, such as bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. The powerful antimicrobial formula is non leaching once it has dried and tethered to a surface.

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BioProtect® Competing Products
  • Principle

    Physical and electrochemical disruption of cells

    Dehydration/corrosion utilising PH, chemical disruption

  • Method

    Attracts, pierces and kills pathogens

    Poisons pathogens

  • Durability on surfaces

    Proven effective up to 200 touches

    Short term effectiveness

  • Toxicity

    Extremely low toxicology particularly once tethered to a surface

    Usually high toxicity

  • Ease of use

    Ready and easy to use

    Require mixing with most being toxic and dangerous to mix

  • Environmental

    Safe to use - Non leaching once dry on a surface

    Most are toxic to the environment and will leach from the surface

  • Cost savings

    Due to the longevity of action, exceptionally low cost in use

    Seem inexpensive to purchase initially but when efficacy and longevity are considered are expensive

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