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Safer for you, Better for you

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Technology and bio-science together naturally to develop superior performance products that solve tough cleaning and odour problems at a 'safer for you better for you' value

Our Science

Our innovative microbial products are a combination of the bacterium species, Bacillus subtilis and the bio actives that it produces, including lipid peptides which are super emulsifiers and very powerful bio detergents. The combination of these components synergises to create a unique product that outperforms traditional chemical and enzyme based products.

Our products are environmentally friendly and have a multitude of uses including the control of odour, insects, microbes, fungi and the breakdown of organic material across multiple business sectors.


All natural, truly green yet more effective than toxic chemicals which means BioProtect™ is a 'safer for you better for you' value


Peter Higgins serves as Chief Executive Officer of Global BioProtect and a proven leader with more than four decades of positively growing and impacting businesses around the world. In 1975, his family began evaluating and guiding businesses to growth and Peter joined in that effort post University. Peter’s role at Global BioProtect is to provide the long term vision, guidance and support leading the team to be the best product and customer service provider in the family of effective, eco-friendly cleaners.

Gary Willett is the President of Global BioProtect leading all functions and operations. He is charged with growing the family of effective, eco-friendly cleaners. Gary’s role is to engage the global market in benefitting from the science and “better for you, safer for you” products and services that were invented in Australia. Prior to joining Global BioProtect in 2016, Gary led TPC Printing, printing and publishing, to an accretive acquisition, served as Chief Operating Officer for Aurora Foods that leveraged Mrs. Butterworth’s, Log Cabin and Duncan Hines Brands to an IPO, was President of Elmer’s Glue when it was in growth mode and started his career in marketing and sales at the prestigious Kellogg Company.
Gary graduated from the University of South Florida with a BS Science in Biochemistry. He completed two years of post-graduate studies in cellular metabolism as well.

Stuart White serves as the Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Global BioProtect leading all financial strategy and functions. He is charged with the financial efficacy of the family of effective, eco-friendly cleaners. Stuart’s role is to lead the global organisation in financial and accretive rigor. Prior to joining Global BioProtect in 2016. Stuart spent 10 years at General Electric in Australia where he was most recently head of business development and also held various finance roles. He started out his almost two decade financial career at Ernst and Young in accounting.
Stuart graduated from the University of Melbourne with a BA in Commerce/Arts/Finance. He also is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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