One product can replace your disinfectant, degreaser, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and more!

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We develop and manufacture products that bring technology and bio-science together naturally. Our unique and patented formulas allow us to provide you with superior products that solve tough cleaning and odour problems at competitive pricing.

Surface Spray Disinfectant

Effective Against

SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus)

Create a persistent antimicrobial barrier that kills germs on contact, helping you prevent the spread of germs.

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Hand Sanitiser

A single application of BioProtect® Hand Sanitiser on the skin not only eliminates and inactivates bacteria, but also prevents reinfection by maintaining a long-lasting protective barrier.

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F.O.G. Eliminator

Keep your drains clear and floors safe and clean with our highly effective and environmentally friendly, fats, oils and grease eliminator. Designed to remove odour, keep drains flowing and clean floors with a non-slip formulation.

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